Industrial Pipe covering

Pipe Covering

Covering Your Insulating Needs with Unmatched Skill And Experience

As a full-service insulation contractor, Sprinkmann Sons has the experience and capability to analyze, design, install and service insulation for any industrial or commercial application.

Whether you need a complete custom-designed insulation system or a retrofitted installation, we can handle your insulating requirements for piping, boilers, tanks, turbines and other industrial equipment, as well as for plumbing and HVAC systems.

We also specialize in the custom fabrication and installation of removable/replaceable insulation blankets for valves, expansion joints and other areas requiring frequent maintenance.

Providing Continuous Nationwide Service Since 1888

Sprinkmann Sons brings over a century of expertise in industrial and commercial insulation to every job.

Our professional installers take a detailed approach to each project. They are especially skilled in the fabrication of protective metal laggings and outer jacketings for insulation.

With our assistance in specifications and quotations, along with our computerized heat loss calculations and analysis, you'll be assured that your piping and equipment will be insulated as efficiently as possible.

Serving a Broad Range Of Markets And Clients Nationwide

We regularly do insulating work for a diverse range of utility, industrial and commercial clients, including both nuclear power and fossil fuel electric generating stations, breweries, chemical factories and food processing plants.

Utilizing a Full Line Of The Finest Insulating Products.

For any given job, any number of different types of insulation can be used.

We represent all major manufacturers of insulation, including calcium silicate, elastomeric, fiberglass, mineral wool and cellular glass. We will help you select the most appropriate product for your needs.

Many of these products are handled exclusively by us, and all are readily available from one of our warehouses.

Following Up With Full Service and Maintenance Capabilities

Any insulation can deteriorate or become damaged over time. When it becomes necessary to renovate, repair or replace your insulation, call Sprinkmann Sons for immediate response.

Service and maintenance can be purchased on a per-job basis or through a cost-effective maintenance contract.